Limo Booking



Steps to be taken PRIOR to calling to book a limo:

Limo Charleston WV1) When is the event that you’re booking the limo for?

Confirm a date.

2) How long do you want to reserve the limo for?

Set a time frame. From pick up to final drop off, how many hours are you booking the limo for. (Keep in mind there is a 3 hour minimum booking requirement)

IMG_51153) How many people will be riding in the limo?

Knowing the amount of passengers will be the deciding factor as to what limo would accommodate you best.

4) What will the run consist of?

Have a tentative itinerary written up (it should include times, pick up & drop off addresses, special instructions, etc.)

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What happens once you are ready to a limo book?

Limo Charleston WV1) Call (304) 419-5466

2) You will be asked to supply:

  • Your name
  • Date of event
  • Hours you will be renting the limo for
  • How many passengers
  • Which limo you are looking to book
  • General information about the run
  • Your email

3) In order set the run in stone, a deposit of half of the total payment must be paid by way of giving a CC over the phone (the other half is not due until 24 hours prior to the run taking place).

4) A confirmation receipt will be sent to your email. Your run is booked!